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Common Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes

When it comes to home appliances, your Samsung dishwasher is a crucial piece of equipment in your kitchen, which not only makes your life easier but also prevents the dishes from piling up in the sink during those busy, chaotic work weeks. 

In other words, when your dishwasher breaks down and starts displaying any one of the following error codes, it can leave you in a bind, and it won’t take long before those dishes start piling up! 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together the following troubleshooting guide on Samsung dishwasher error codes to help you understand what’s wrong with your unit, as well as how you can resolve the issue. 

But first, it’s essential to understand that you should never attempt to service or repair your dishwasher while it is plugged in or the power is turned on. 

Doing so may lead to injury or damage to your dishwasher, which can easily be avoided. 

Let’s get to it!

Dishwasher Won’t Fill Up

When your dishwasher is having an issue with its water supply, you’ll typically see the IE or 4E, 4C error codes displayed.

IE – Clogged Water Inlet Filter

4E, 4C – Water Supply Error: Pressure or Temperature Issue

Samsung dishwasher water inlet filter IE

When you get this error code, it means that your water supply is blocked and unable to pass through the water inlet filter. 

To resolve the issue, refer to your user manual for instructions on locating and cleaning the filter. 

In some cases, the filter may need to be replaced. 

If you’ve cleaned the filter and are still getting the same error code, don’t hesitate to contact a professional appliance technician.

Samsung dishwasher water supply 4E 4C

Similarly, you’ll often see a 4E or 4C error code when you have a weak water supply. 

To troubleshoot, start by ensuring that your water supply valve is, in fact, fully opened. In some cases, if the valve has been shut off and turned back on, it may not have been opened all the way. 

Alternately, you may need to ensure that you have adequate pressure in your lines, which is best left to a professional.

Dishwasher Won’t Drain

Next up, a dishwasher that won’t drain or slow to drain is often caused by a faulty pump or a clog somewhere with the filter or drain itself. In either case, you’ll often see a 3C or 5C, 5E error code. 

3C – Faulty Pump

5C, 5E – Drain Filter, Hose or Filter Issue

Samsung dishwasher drain pump

Especially if it’s old or has recently become clogged, it’s not uncommon for a dishwasher’s drain pump to burn out or become faulty. 

If you see this error, you can try to turn the unit off and back on again to reset the pump. However, this error code will only be displayed when the pump has become faulty in many cases. 

Therefore, you may need to replace the drain pump entirely.

Samsung dishwasher drain filter cleaning

Alternatively, if you have an issue or clog in your drain filter or hose, you’ll see this error code. 

To resolve the issue, you’ll need to clean out your drain filter to ensure that this isn’t the cause of the error. If you’re unable to find any clogs or need help diagnosing the issue, don’t hesitate to contact a professional appliance technician.

Dishwasher Won’t Heat Properly

If your dishes aren’t drying properly, and your unit fails to produce any heat, then you’ll likely see one of the following errors code displayed.

HC, 1E – Improper Temperature During Cycle

HE – Malfunctioning Heater

tE – Temperature Sensor Issue

House electrical panel

This error code indicates that the unit has gotten too hot inside. 

To resolve this, you can try resetting the unit by turning the power off and back on again at your home’s main electrical panel and then running a normal wash cycle to see if this has fixed the issue. 

If you continue to get the same error code, you may need to contact the manufacturer or an appliance technician for help.

Samsung dishwasher heating element

Similarly, when your unit’s heater is malfunctioning, you’ll see this error.

Once again, try resetting the unit and then running a regular cycle to see if the error goes away.

Samsung dishwasher temperature sensor

Your Samsung dishwasher has an internal temperature sensor, which lets the unit’s main control board know when to produce and stop producing heat. When this sensor becomes faulty, you’ll typically see a TE error code. 

To resolve, reset your unit and recheck it. If the error persists, contact a professional technician today.

Dishwasher Is Leaking

Not only do leaks cause a mess, but they can often cause short circuits, which may damage your dishwasher, or they can even cause structural damage to your home.

LC, LE – Water Outside the Appliance

You’ll see this error code when your unit’s moisture sensor detects water or moisture outside the unit. When this happens, your unit will cease its wash cycle and attempt to drain any water present in the tub. 

Users can refer to the owner manual’s section on Dishwasher Leaks. 

If you have a severe leak, it’s best to immediately shut off your unit’s water supply and electricity before proceeding to troubleshoot the issue. 

If you’re sure there are no leaks, you can try to reset the unit and see if this has resolved the issue.

Samsung dishwasher LC error code

Control Panel Issue

The control panel is the main heart and soul of your Samsung appliance. 

Therefore if the control panel becomes faulty, your unit likely won’t function properly, and you’ll see either of the following error codes displayed.

CE – Faulty Control Panel

bE – Broken Button

Samsung dishwasher control panel

You’ll see this error code when the control panel has trouble communicating with the rest of the unit’s components. In some cases, this may be caused by a moisture leak, a wiring issue, or merely a manufacturer’s defect. 

Either way, the first step will be to reset the unit by turning it off and back on. 

If the error persists, the control panel may need to be replaced.

Samsung dishwasher controls

Whether a button has become stuck or is faulty, you’ll see a bE error code. 

To resolve, try turning the unit off and back on and then touching a few other buttons to see if the control panel is responding. If not, and the error code continues to be displayed, you may need to request professional service from a qualified appliance technician.

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