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Ice-Maker Is Leaking

Your ice-maker may leak due to various reasons such as, the water fitting is insecure, leaking water valves, problem with a fill tube extension, clogged drain tube, damaged or overflowing defrost water drain or the appliance may be improperly leveled among other reasons.
The solution to these issues may include: checking the water lines and tightening loose connections, breaking up ice jams in the freezer compartment, aligning the ice cube fill valve and cup, clearing out the condensation drains, leveling the fridge and the ice maker, checking out the water filter and dispenser among others.

Faulty Water Supply Line

The water supply line is critical to the production of ice; therefore, a faulty water supply line should always be at optimal performance. Common water supply problems include: a frozen line, a malfunctioning or obstructed water filter or supply valve. If none of these issues are present, it’s likely that the filter itself is clogged. Reinstall the filter or simply replace with a new one in case it has not been changed in six months. Also, check the water valve for leaks.

Level the Fridge

Level the Fridge

A tilted fridge affects the production of ice as such, it should be proper leveled. Manufacturers advice that the fridge be approximately 0.25 to 5 inches {6 to13mm} higher than the back. When leveling the fridge, you are not looking for the unit to be perfectly level. In fact, it is advised that it sit back a bit, with the front higher than the back.
In order to level the fridge, remove the grill at the bottom front of the refrigerator, then behind the grill, there is a height-adjustable leg on either side, rotate the leveling legs to achieve your desired level. Should it possess its own leveling legs, the legs should be raised to bear the weight of the refrigerator until it is 0.5 inches higher than the back.

Ice-Maker Won’t Produce Ice

Ice-Maker Won't Produce Ice

If your ice maker is not producing ice at all, this is usually as a result of result of a clog on the supply line. The common cause for the clog is usually a frozen water line. To repair the frozen line, slide the fridge from the wall and unplug it. Locate and turn off the shut-off valve. Proceed to fill the turkey baster with warm water and pour over the water line. Then restore power to the refrigerator and then listen to the water supply to fill the ice mold.

Frozen Water in The Line

fresh ice

Sometimes, frozen water clogs the supply line leading to the ice maker not producing ice. This is usually caused by a frozen fill tube, malfunctioning water inlet valve, the freezer temperature setting being too low or if a water filter needs to be replaced. This can be solved by unplugging the refrigerator to thaw the lines. You could also pour hot or lukewarm water to thaw the lines, this will unfreeze the clogged water lines. If, however none of these works, you could consider calling a technician for proper servicing of the machine.

Damaged Wiring

damaged wiring

This is a technical problem usually caused as a result of loose wires, cut wires or bad power cords. It is advised that a technician be called in to address the issue.

 Check the Thermostat

 Check the Thermostat

A thermostat helps detecting the temperature change in an ice maker, senses the temperature in the mold and once the icemaker has reached a temperature low enough, the thermostat closes. It is therefore essential to check that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature for ice production.

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