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The Most Common Ice-Maker Issues

ice-maker is leaking kitchen
Ice-Maker Is Leaking Your ice-maker may leak due to various reasons such as, the water fitting is insecure, leaking water valves, problem with a fill tube extension, clogged drain tube, damaged or overflowing defrost water drain or the appliance may be improperly leveled among other reasons. TheRead more

How to Fix a Kitchen Aid Cooktop?

kitchen aid cooktop
How to Fix a Kitchen Aid Cooktop? A KitchenAid cooktop is a popular kitchen appliance that has found a way in the hearts and homes of many Americans. Think about it, how do you even make your favorite pancakes early in the morning without it? Or grillRead more

Samsung Washer Repair & Maintenance

Samsung washer view
Samsung Washer Repair & Maintenance As a homeowner, you rely on your Samsung washing machine to help keep you or your family's clothing fresh and clean throughout the week.  This means that when your washing machine breaks down, you're left in a bind, and it won't beRead more