Commercial Oven Repair

Commercial Oven Diagnostics and Repair Tips

As you already know, the oven is one of the most fundamental appliances in any commercial kitchen and often functions as the heart of all food service-related activity.  Therefore, it’s understandable then that, if your commercial oven is not working properly, you’ll want it fixed fast, efficiently, and as affordably as possible. Below, we’ll go over a few tips on diagnosing and fixing some of the most common malfunctions with commercial ovens.

Common Commercial Oven Problems

If your commercial oven is not heating to the right temperature, this might be due to a problem with the unit’s temperature sensor. First, to solve this, check that the temperature sensor is not in contact with the oven’s interior wall. Next, check that the sensor is functional. You can do this by using an ohmmeter, which is a device used to measure electric resistance. The resistance should rise proportional to the oven temperature. Therefore, if you test the sensor, and the resistance doesn’t rise when you turn the oven up, you’ll likely need to replace it.

If you’re using an electric oven, then another culprit may be the control board itself. This is particularly likely if you notice other malfunctions, such as with the timer or clock. If you see an error code displayed, consult the manual, and it will confirm for you whether the code is telling you the board is defective.

In any case, an error code can be used to help you diagnose the source of your problem. If your gas oven is not heating up at all, this is probably down to a defective ignitor that is failing to ignite the gas flow to the oven. On the other hand, if you find that both the gas burners and the gas oven are out of action, then the problem most likely lies with the gas line, necessitating professional intervention. As for an electric oven, the heating elements are prone to wearing out and becoming defective over time. Therefore, if you’re able to see any visible signs or corrosion, or the elements appears broken, blistered, or separated in any way, it will need to be replaced.

Commercial Double Oven

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Oven Fails To Turn On

If your oven won’t seem to turn on, the first step is to check its receiving power. It goes without saying that without a properly functioning power source, your oven won’t be able to work! Start by checking your main electrical panel for tripped breakers or blown fuses. Then, check for any broken, damaged wires. If you find any, make sure you call in professional help immediately as this can potentially be dangerous.

Like with the oven not reaching the desired temperature, not being able to switch your oven on and/or off can be another symptom of a faulty electric control board. Again, check for an error code and seek professional assistance so that you can get it replaced as soon as possible.

Commercial Oven Door Latch

Door Latch Won’t Close

An oven door that doesn’t close properly is potentially dangerous. Unplug it immediately and, if it’s a gas oven, make sure to turn off the gas to avoid a potential gas leak. To check that your oven door is functioning properly, start by allowing it to cool down, then, you can pull up and out on the door to detach it from the oven. If you can’t pull it up and out, check for any screws that might be attached to the hinges to hold the door in place. At this point, visually inspect the hinges and door latch. You shouldn’t be able to see any signs of damage or corrosion. But if you do, then you might need to replace these components to get your oven up and running again. There should also be a rubber gasket around the door’s rim, which might have become worn-out or damaged from regular wear and tear.

If none of these things seem to be at fault, then it might be the door sensor that is causing the issue, and this, like many other internal components should be replaced by a professional.

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Regular Check-up And Maintenance

Make sure you keep your oven in tip-top condition with regular check-ups and maintenance work. Some minor issues will be undetectable to non-professionals, but if left unfixed, will worsen and eventually interfere with oven functions in a big way. Attending to oven issues early on will help keep your household safe and ultimately mean you’re less likely to find yourself with an out-of-action oven. At OC Appliance Pros, we provide the best commercial oven repair services for Orange County residents and all of the surrounding areas. We use only original parts for repairs, so you can be sure your oven will be as good as new once we’re finished. We know that faulty appliances can put a huge damper on the work that you do, so we’re proud to offer emergency service calls to help you out when you need it most!

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